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Great service, great selection, great people. I could spend hours in this place and it feels like a few minutes. This place is great.

Seth Lindgreen - 05/13/2013

Dropped off my camera Wednesday morning and picked it up Thursday afternoon. They cleaned it far better than I ever could myself. Fast service, friendly staff, and great job. Thank you!

Robert W Thomson - 08/09/2014

Excellent store – staff was so helpful, knowledgeable, professional!!! Went in looking for a wide angle lens & got the perfect tripods & other accessories. Helped us with the set up, offered professional advice! I loved this place!!

Karen Gates Enderson - 09/17/2014

Great service, awesome rental options, and some video/audio options.

Bayard Lewis - 11/14/2013

I just sent a facebook friend in NYC the following review of Bozeman Camera: Hope you are well! Bozeman Camera is great, honest guys you can trust. I’m lucky to have them in town. And, yes, most of them know me. I just picked up my D800 for cleaning this morning.

Doug Loneman - 01/17/2014

Best Camera store in town! Awesome customer service!

Amelia Anne Gable - 07/25/2013

I was in Bozeman Camera this afternoon and bought the new Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art Lens for my new Nikon D810. Thanks for all your great help, and especially thanks for doing the auto focus fine tuning on the new lens and D810. I have never had such great customer support in a brick and mortar store! I will be sure to recommend you and Bozeman Camera to anyone that wants a great camera store in Montana (or near Yellowstone and the Tetons).

Keith Williamson - 09/04/2014

Definitely the best camera store in Bozeman.

Lou Ann Harris - 04/25/2014


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